In 2015, Emily Kristoffer events helped my husband and I narrow our focus to 3 locations for our wedding. There was no mountain high enough or no valley low enough. The EK team went above and beyond. Whether it be taking a boat to an offshore island or testing out a creaky boardwalk on a swamp, they did it all to ensure that on the day in question the bride and groom were not only happy but thrilled.

We decided to get married on a boardwalk over a mangrove swamp. A place with no amenities to speak of, so all resources had to be created from scratch. The Emily Kristoffer team was a dream to work with. The outcome was flawless. Our guests had to pick their mouths up off the floor because they could not envision that a swamp wedding could be so full of exquisite detail or impeccable decor.

Eight years on and that wedding always stands out in people’s minds. When I’m asked by brides who can help them create distinctive and memorable weddings, only one name comes to mind, “Emily Kristoffer”.