Residing in Trinidad with hectic work schedules meant we could not move back and forth to Tobago as much as we wanted, however, Duane and Candice were our saving grace.

They were our eyes and ears in Tobago, and sorted every single little detail, including things I didn’t know I even needed or wanted!
They have excellent relationships with seemingly all vendors and entertainers, and recommended several options based on our budget and specific needs.

Our wedding was executed flawlessly, beyond my wife’s and I expectations.
Their open communication, infinite patience, and humor certainly made the planning process relaxing and enjoyable.

Much to my amazement and gratitude, even during and after wedding celebrations – when no-one could function, they ensured the event space was fully packed up and all our belongings/decor secured.

I can’t imagine how our special day might have been without this lovely husband and wife team, and as a young couple, we certainly learnt a lot from them.

Candice and Duane, you are both heaven sent. Nichele and I are eternally grateful for your exceptional service.

We will definitely be seeing you soon in Tobago to catch up!

All our love
– N+E