Hosting a wedding in a foreign country can be a daunting task but professional event planners exist to make the experience as stress free as possible. Choosing the right wedding planner can be as simple as wanting your wedding to embrace the splendour of nature in an outdoor setting or if you prefer, having an indoor wedding where you are the belle of the ball with your dashing groom at your side with friends and family cheering you on.

Trusting someone to plan and execute every single detail of your wedding is a huge leap of faith, your second biggest commitment to getting married, so you need to ensure the best fit. Remember that if you have been dreaming about your wedding since your playhouse days then you will want your plans to go as smoothly as imagined. Maybe you bought your dress already and found your groom to say I do. All you need to do now is book your flight and let the fun begin.


A professional event planner will give focused attention to your wedding ensuring that even minor details are taken care of to ensure the smooth flow of the wedding event that you have in mind.

Cascading tropical florals, Caribbean rum punch, elegantly draped outdoor backdrops that chase the clouds, and beautiful natural backdrops add to the magic of your day.

Experience the best service providers hand selected by your wedding planner to enhance each moment of your special day. 

Events can be costly, so planners can use their connections with service providers to ensure the best return on your investment.

An added bonus is that an experienced planner can help you stay within your budget, thus saving you a lot of money and time running around looking for the best prices.

A planner will know where to focus your spend and how to negotiate the best deals with the chosen service providers to enhance the unique elements of your even

When you hire a professional event planner you get the benefit of years of experience coupled with the knowledge gained throughout their career in this ever changing wedding industry.

Book a wedding planner that is passionate and committed to executing your wedding vision.

Eliminate the stress associated with selecting a service provider that may not be the best fit for your wedding. Not being able to have in-person meetings can be a daunting task when quite a few important decisions have to be made and pre-booked early.

These include selecting your décor, venue, wedding cake style and flavour, as well as choosing food and drink that compliment each other.

Relax knowing that your planner is organizing and coordinating all the details of your wedding to ensure that it runs smoothly.

You can have the time of your life with family and friends.

Each day leading up to and after your wedding can be filled surfing, yoga, food lover excursions, kayaking, hiking, bird watching, nature lover adventures, spa day, beach day or relaxing by the pool.

Destination weddings have the added bonus of a mini vacation while experiencing a different way of life.

Whether adults only or travelling with children there are tons of activities to keep everyone entertained.

Your planner can book tours and other entertainment to keep adding to your destination wedding experience before and after your wedding.

You can have a truly Caribbean experience. Feel the sand between your toes and wind brushing against your face or blowing through your hair.

Swim with Caribbean mermaids (manatees) or have a totally underwater diving experience as your wedding ceremony. Once you can dream it then it can become your wedding reality.

I want something different….something I haven’t seen. A mangrove wedding that embraces your love for nature and wetlands. Horseback entrance to your beach or garden ceremony. Street procession where the locals cheer you on. Wedding at a nightclub so the party goes all night. An intimate ceremony at one of our historical landmarks. These are just some ideas that couples have chosen to celebrate their special day.

What’s better than having one of Tobago’s wedding traditions be a part of your own love story? The Tobago Heritage Festival takes you back in time to some of the island’s beloved traditions that are still practiced today in some villages.

Whatever style you want your wedding to be, you can be assured that your professional wedding planner will be there every step of the way to bring the magic that makes your wedding dreams come alive.

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